An innovative new way to smoke food indoors.

  • - Heated Sticks Burn and Release Smoke into your Food
  • - Smokes Food from the Inside Out
  • - Quick and Easy
  • - Can Be Used on BBQ Grill, Oven, or Stovetop
  • - Hickory, Oak, Maple, Mesquite Flavors, and More


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Fabrice and Alfred Bartley have created an innovative new way to smoke food indoors, while cooking it from the inside out!

Although they love smoked food, Fabrice and Alfred never had the time to use their outside smoker. The hours it took to smoke the food were unbearable and the weather was never on their side. One day as they were watching a cooking show, the chef was loading up skewers. This is when it hit them: a product to smoke your food indoors while cooking it from the inside! With this idea in mind, they were inspired to develop Smoke-Skewers!

The invention mimics the size of regular metal skewers, but the insides are hollowed out and surrounded by release holes. To begin, simply insert the invention into the food of your choice and place it on a tray or pan for cooking. Light the smoking stick and place it into your Smoke-Skewer. Cover your dish with aluminum foil to keep the smoke rotating. The heated stick will burn, releasing smoke into your food smoking it from the inside out. This will give your food a wonderful smoked flavor, while saving you hours of wait time! The skewers are so versatile they can be used on a BBQ grill, in your oven, or even on your stovetop. Hickory, oak, maple, mesquite, pecan, apple, alder, and cherry flavors are possible.

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