Smoke Detection Attachment Device

A personal smoke detector that is by your side wherever your smart phone is present!

  • Attachment Plug Connects Device to All Makes and Models of Smart Phones
  • Works With a Dedicated App to Report Smoke and Possible Fire at Home
  • Uses the Power Supply of the Phone
  • No Batteries or External Power Source Needed
  • Perfect for Vacations or When Sleeping Away from Home
  • Also Has a Carbon Monoxide Detector


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Larry C. Maddox, Sr. of Birmingham, AL has created a personal smoke detector that is by your side wherever your smart phone is present!

Smoke detectors have many drawbacks such as dead or missing batteries, clogged sensors, or poor location. While we have some control of these problems at home, we have to hope for the best while on vacation or otherwise away from our residence. Larry just knew there had to be a smarter way. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Smoke Detection Device Attachment!

But how does it work? An attachment plug connects the device to all makes and models of smart phones. The invention then works with a dedicated app to report smoke and possible fire at home. For convenience, the invention uses the power supply of the phone no batteries or external power source needed! As such, whenever the attachment is connected to the smart phone, the personal smoke detector is operational. Now, a complete smoke detector system can be carried wherever you go for safety and peace of mind.

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