Smart TriAlert

A new child monitor for the hearing-impaired parent.

  • Monitors a Baby's Cries, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Oxygen, and Heart Rate
  • Shows Activities of the Baby and Any Irregularities
  • Sound, Vibration, and Flashing Light Alerts
  • Can Be Worn Comfortably, Even While Sleeping
  • Also Very Helpful for Those Who May Be Disabled or Blind


Utility Patent #10,713,916

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kathleen Cole Thomas of Avenel, NJ has created a wearable device that monitors a baby's cries, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen, and heart rate. Now, just by looking at the face of the device, parents will be able to see the activities of the baby and any irregularities. If the baby is in any danger, they will be alerted via sound, vibration, and flashing light.

The invention was inspired by her only child, battling a debilitating bone disease that almost cost him his leg. Together with his wife, they had a baby girl. Her son was fully determined to care for his young daughter even while going through chemo and radiation. Kathleen watched him struggle with his cane in one hand and a baby monitor in the other. He carried that monitor with him everywhere since he needed to watch his daughter at all times. One day, he took the monitor with him into the basement to do laundry. When he came upstairs forgetting the monitor, he knew he had to go back to retrieve it, even though he was in excruciating pain. Kathleen just knew there had to be a better way. Thinking further, she knew hearing-impaired and blind couples take care of their children. If there is not a product out there to assist them during the first few months, they are fully dependent on family members and friends to experience the joy of loving their child at the sound of their child's voice. Everyone has the right to enjoy taking first-hand care of their kids without intervention. In turn, Kathleen was inspired to create Smart TriAlert!

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