Smart Paci

Easily locate infant pacifiers at home or anywhere they're misplaced!

  • Equipped With GPS
  • Links To Your Mobile Device Via an App
  • Three Ways to Help You Locate Lost Pacifier
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • Saves Money on Frequent Paci Replacements


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Thomas and Stephanie Cruthis of Jamestown, NC have developed an infant pacifier with an integral GPS receiver and locator system.

The idea was born on the way to a local grocery store after a long day and a late night that had just become later, due to an unexpected and desperate errand: replacing a lost pacifier. While he should have been home trying to get their four tired children to sleep, Thomas was instead on the hunt for a new pacifier. After arriving at the store, he located and picked from the slim paci inventory. It was another $7 for two of them and he knew soon those pacifiers would probably become lost, too! On the drive home, the idea for a locatable paci came to mind. However, after some research, nothing of the sort was on the market. In turn, alongside Stephanie, the pair were inspired to create the Smart Paci!

But how does it work? The starter kit comes with two paci brains equipped with GPS, a wireless charging pad, and pacifier bodies in three sizes. Install a charged GPS brain into the paci body by screwing it in until the safety locks click. Link the paci to your mobile device via the app. Now, when the next paci emergency arises, Smart Paci has three ways to help you find it in record time: track its location using GPS on the app, look for the flashing light, or listen for the built-in sound indicators.

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