Smart Max

The Smart Max is a device to safely determine a users maximum bench press squat, or dead lift rating.

  • Helps Effectively Gauge Where User is at in Workout Program
  • No Spotters or Assistance Needed
  • Safe, Fast, and Efficient
  • Can Monitor Performance Over Time and Help Judge Progress
  • Perfect for Home or Gym Use


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Adam Paulsen, a fitness enthusiast from Richmond, TX has created a device to safely determine a users maximum bench press, squat, or dead lift rating.

Many people use bench press style or squat style machines to work out. Since these machines typically rely on the lifting of dead weight, spotters are recommended for safety when working near the upper limit of a persons ability. On the other hand, should the user stay well below such weight limits, the maximum workout benefit is never achieved. In turn, Inventor Paulsen was inspired to create the Smart Max! This piece of fitness equipment will allow users to find their bench press, squat, or dead lift rating, all in one machine, without the use of weights or spotters.

This clever new invention helps effectively gauge where a user is at in a workout program. It is very safe, fast, and efficient. It can monitor performance over time and help judge progress. It is perfect for home or gym use.

To learn more or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities for the Smart Max act now!


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