Smart GPS Parcel

The Smart GPS Parcel allows for continuous tracking of packages and parcels!

  • Tracks Packages in Real Time
  • Eliminates having to Guess When Package Will Arrive
  • Finds Lost, Stolen, or Incorrectly Delivered Packages
  • Each Module is Provided with a Battery, Transmitter, and a GPS Receiver
  • Can Be Tracked on Smart Phone or PC


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Scott Wagner and Tio Wagner of Los Angeles, CA have created a device that allows users to track their packages in real time!

In the typical business day, millions of parcels and items are delivered around the world. While computerized tracking does exist, it is only updated when the package reaches certain set locations such as pickup, transfer at a shipping location, or out for delivery. Those who are trying to be at home in order to receive a package that requires a signature must sacrifice hours out of a busy day to wait or perhaps they might miss the delivery altogether. In addition, when packages become lost, it can be days or weeks before it is found again, if ever. In turn, Inventors Wagner were inspired to create the Smart GPS Parcel!

This clever new invention allows for continuous tracking of packages and parcels. It eliminates having to guess when a package will arrive. It finds lost, stolen, or incorrectly delivered packages. Each module is provided with a battery, transmitter, GPS receiver, and antenna. Tracking can be viewed on a users smart phone or any web browser on a computer. It is fun to track! Upon receipt, the package may be sent back to be recharged and reused. For the most exact and up-to-date tracking, act now!


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