Sleep Buddy

An innovative new leg pillow created for comfortable, pain-free sleep.

  • Combats Pain
  • Ensures You Sleep Soundly and Wake Up Without Any Discomfort
  • Easy to Adjust to Your Comfort Level
  • Prevents a Sore Back, Neck, and Knees
  • Provides You with Better Sleep Overall


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Linda Killingsworth of Horton, AL has designed an innovative new leg pillow for comfortable, pain-free sleep.

Driven by her own experience with enduring 11 back surgeries and 2 broken necks, the invention was created out of necessity. Having lived with persistent pain since 1982, Linda was convinced a more effective solution existed. In turn, she developed the Sleep Buddy! As someone who can only sleep on her side, Linda found that her invention provided her with relief from knee pain, neck discomfort, and the usual pain upon waking from sleep. Her belief is straightforward: if it works wonders for her, it is likely to work for everyone!

The Sleep Buddy combats pain, ensuring you sleep soundly throughout the night and wake up without any discomfort. Simply pull the invention over either leg from the ankle up, stop at the knee area, and adjust to your comfort level. Leave it on as you rest, and say goodbye to a sore back, neck, and knees. The Sleep Buddy is not just about alleviating pain it will provide a wide variety of benefits to each user. It is about better sleep overall!

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