Skyscraper Parcels

An automated system that delivers groceries and packages right to your unit/floor in a multi-unit high-rise building.

  • Saves Time
  • Extremely Convenient
  • Must-Have for City Living
  • Contactless Delivery - Improves the Reduction of Virus Spread


Utility Patent - 11,691,553

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stan Markovich has created an automated system that delivers groceries and packages right to your unit/floor in a multi-unit high-rise building.

Have you ever watched the movie Back to the Future? Most of the future items are available now, such as self-driving cars, lace-free sneakers, hoverboards, personal drones, video phones, tablets, and virtual reality. With Skyscraper Parcels, you have a chance to invest in the next breakthrough invention.

Remember how much time you spent last time you went to the store? There was the drive there, the minutes looking for a parking spot, the time shopping, and then the drive back home again. You then had to carry all your bags from parking to the lobby from the lobby to the elevator and then wait for the elevator, as the first one was full Little annoying nuisances. Time is the most valuable resource for every human. Nevertheless, time is money. For every business professional now, especially those who work from home, every distraction has its cost and affects productivity. Online shopping is the answer! However, for those who live in high-rise buildings like in downtown New York or LA, there is still a missing gap.

Imagine you are living in a high-rise building on the 41st floor. You are working from home and you receive a call from your intercom or concierge service that you have a delivery of groceries or a package. It might be your new VR console? You get distracted. You have to stop what you were doing, go out, wait for an elevator, and go down to pick up your deliveries. You then have to wait for an elevator again and go back up to your floor. You are losing time. Are you bored? We thought so! Skyscraper Parcels eliminates all those steps to deliver your groceries and parcels from pick up to your door!

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