Skylight Stop Leak

Completely encloses an existing skylight to provide physical protection, while also safeguarding it from harmful environmental conditions.

  • Shroud Deflects Water Away, Thereby Eliminating Leaks
  • Preserves the Original Functionality and Attributes of a Skylight
  • Provides a Thermal Barrier Between the Environment and the Skylight to Reduce Heat Loss and Condensation
  • Light and Easy to Handle
  • Installation Takes Less Than 30 Minutes


Utility Patent - 11,746,528

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Ross and Claudia Owens of Canada have created a shroud for an existing skylight to protect it from harmful environmental conditions that create issues such as leaking and condensation.

After many years of leaking skylights that were repaired on several occasions to no avail, Ross and Claudia knew there had to be a more permanent solution. Over the years, they had spoken to many people that had experienced the same issues with skylights. Since leaking and condensation were a result of the skylight being exposed to snow, ice, and rain, it seemed reasonable that if the skylight could be protected from the outdoor environment, those issues would be resolved. In turn, Ross and Claudia were inspired to develop a cover that would protect the skylight from the environmental conditions that caused these problems. From that point on, it was a matter of refinement to determine the characteristics that would provide the best results. Three final prototypes were built and installed on three problematic skylights. After 5 years of no further leakage, ice damming, or condensation issues, they were confident their design was sound. Now, the Skylight Stop Leak is ready for market!

The invention completely encloses an existing skylight, thereby protecting it from snow, water, and ice, as well as providing physical protection against hail, falling ice, snow, and branches. The shroud deflects water away, thereby eliminating leaking, while restoring and preserving its original functionality and attributes. It further provides a thermal barrier between the environment and the skylight, allowing the skylight to stay warmer, reducing heat loss and condensation on the inside of the skylight. The product is light and easy to handle. Installation lends itself to the DIY market. Typical installation is less than 30 minutes, requiring only very common tools.

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  1. Rob Morris

    I sure hope this comes to market soon. I could use 4 of them.

  2. Woody

    This is just what I need. We have 4 skylights that are chronic leakers. We get them fixed only to leak again. Also condensation on the inside in cold weather. We have had them replaced once only to leak again in only a few years. The cost of dealing with this is prohibitive. It just makes sense that protecting the skylight from the environment is the solution. I can hardly wait for this to be available.

    • rmartin

      We will keep you posted about the product availability!

      Thank you,

      For Sale By Inventor

  3. John

    I am sitting in my sun room watching my skylight leak into a bucket on the floor while I search for a solution to this problem of many years when I came across your website. This makes so much sense. Protect the skylight from water and it cannot leak. DUH!!! Too bad I cannot get one now.

  4. Bob

    This is so simple. What took so long???

  5. Bruce

    So simple. What took so long???

  6. Jason R.

    There is hope after all !!!

  7. Allison

    Here I sat broken heated as me and my skylights were doomed to be parted.
    Now there is hope as I am realizin that Skylight-Stop-Leak is on the horizon.

  8. Allison

    Here I sat broken hearted as me and my skylights were doomed to be parted.
    Now there is hope as I am realizin that Skylight-Stop-Leak is on the horizon.

  9. Cory P

    Concept sounds reasonable but I am still somewhat skeptical as I have never found anything that even comes close to resolving skylight leaking issues.

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