Sky Table

A ladder-supported table for holding tools, supplies, and materials in a safe manner.

  • Keeps Tools and Materials Handy While Working on An Extension Ladder
  • Items Can Sit Right Beside You, Instead of On the Walk Board
  • Provides For Increased Safety
  • Helps Prevent Objects from Falling
  • Eliminates Having to Climb Up and Down Ladder Repeatedly


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Melinda Hatmaker of Harriman, TN has designed a ladder-supported table for holding tools, supplies, and materials in a safe manner while up on a ladder.

The idea was born after watching a lot of work being done with hazards ready to happen on walk boards and ladders. Tools and materials were placed on the walk boards and many trips up and down the ladder were required. This was neither safe nor efficient. Melinda just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, she was inspired to create the Sky Table!

The invention can be used with one ladder -- or with two ladders with a walk board in between. Now tools and materials can sit right beside you, instead of on the walk board. No longer will you have to take extra trips up and down the ladder. Nor will you have to step over items while up on the walk board at dangerous heights. You will be able to produce more work and finish projects faster with all your tools and materials at your side!

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