So Keep It Positive!

  • Comfortable Sandal Footwear
  • Display a Positive Message
  • Attach Letters Using Hook and Loop Technology
  • Show Team Names, Quotes, Song Lyrics, School Names, Relationship Status, and More
  • Post Pictures of Your Creativity on Social Media


Design Patent #D838,447

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sarah D. Clark of Erie, PA has created sandals that are able to be customized by the wearer to showcase their positive thoughts.

Think about what lights you up. What if more people put positive thoughts out into the world? For Inventor Fromknecht, choosing positive thoughts has brought more blessings into her life than she can count. Skips was born as an outlet for authenticity, creativity, and positivity.

This comfortable sandal footwear allows users to display a positive message using hook and loop technology. Consumers will be able to have fun choosing colors and designs to authenticate their message. Spell out team names, quotes, song lyrics, school names, a relationship status, and more. The possibilities are endless! Afterward, post to social media because positivity attracts more positivity.

This product could also be incorporated in school assemblies with a tie in to classroom parties, thus appealing to schools looking for healthier options. Parent/teacher organizations could invest in Skips for all students so they could wear their "skips" to school days where every student could feel a part of something big!

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