Skin – M – Right

A single gambrel for processing a wide variety of different sized game animals.

  • • Design Tested by a Third Party to 2000 lbs. and Rated for a 1000 lb. Animal
  • • Saves Cost Associated with Purchase of Different Sized Gambrels
  • • Hanging Hook in the Middle to Hang Meat, Catfish, and Snakes
  • • Simplifies Hunting Expeditions
  • • Strong and Durable


Design Patent - D953,153

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Terry L. House of Magnolia, TX has designed a single gambrel for processing a wide variety of different sized game animals.

Traditionally, hunters have relied on gambrels to assist with the skinning and cleaning process. These gambrels are typically sized for the animal being processed, as the width of the gambrel is related to the weight capacity. This forces the hunter to buy up to three different sized gambrels to cover small animals up to those of hefty weight. Not only is this costly, it requires the hunter to store and transport different gambrels as well. Terry just knew there had to be a way to make field processing easier. In turn, he was inspired to develop Skin M - Right!

The invention utilizes a stainless-steel spread pipe with a hanging hook in the middle to hang meat, catfish, and even snakes. On each side of the pipe, three different sections of stainless-steel cable are routed through self-cinching holes and connected in the middle via a hanging loop. The innermost cable assembly is used for field dressing smaller game animals. The middle cable is for midsized animals. The outermost cable is used on large game animals. Not only will the invention simplify hunting expeditions, it will also save hunters the cost associated with buying - and also storing - different sized gambrels. The design was tested by a third party to 2000 lbs. and rated for a 1000 lb. animal.

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Additional Information

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