Skin Care Phone Attachment

Detects skin ailments such as eczema, shingles, melanoma, and more!

  • Attachable Light Filter for a Smart Phone Camera
  • Filters Select Portions of Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared Spectrum to Highlight Skin Issues
  • Helps Identify a Potential Problem Quickly
  • Fast and Non-Invasive Assessment


Utility Patent #10,502,921

Story Behind the Invention

In the case of some types of skin diseases, timely detection can be extremely important in order to initiate early treatment. Unfortunately, many of us have to wait weeks or months for an appointment with our skin care providers. When we develop a skin condition, it is critical to obtain fast, reliable information about it. While there is no substitute for the trained eye of a professional dermatologist, the Skin Care Phone Attachment helps to give a high-quality view of what could be happening to the skin and give photographic evidence the patient can forward to a specialist.

How Does This Skin Care Invention Work?

The Skin Care Phone Attachment is a small device that is placed over the camera lens on a smartphone. The invention is a filter assembly for smartphones. It allows users to obtain high- quality pictures of affected skin and to aid in the detection of skin diseases and ailments. To work, the Skin Care Phone Attachment uses filters that limit the spectrum of light entering into the phone camera lens. As a result, it is possible to create an enhanced, very detailed image of the skin surface. The filters work to select portions of the ultraviolent, visible, and infrared spectrum to highlight skin issues. Here is how it may work: a person finds skin conditions that concern him or her, uses the Skin Care Phone Attachment to take a clear photo highlighting the condition and then visits a skin disease specialist for care and a formal diagnosis. At the time an appointment is arranged, the photograph can be sent to the doctor as evidence. It is a quick and noninvasive method for providing information about a skin condition and may result in significantly earlier diagnosis. Hopefully this would lead to earlier treatment and perhaps an even less hazardous and less invasive cure. As always, if patients have a skin condition that concerns them, they are strongly urged to seek professional help immediately. There are many benefits to this skin care invention. The primary benefit is that it is a simple-to-use tool that fits right over the lens of most smartphones. It works to filter light in a unique way so that it is able to quickly help with the identification of a potential skin disease or skin condition. Also, at a time when an individual may have significant concerns over a skin condition, this noninvasive attachment will help him or her to initiate a treatment as soon as possible.


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