Side Scoop

A wall plate with a scoop that contains at least one knockout on the scoops surface.

  • Wires or Cables Can Be Selectively Routed into or Through the Scoop
  • Multiple Access Locations
  • Increases the Versatility of the Wall Plate
  • Provides for a Neater Appearance
  • Easy to Install


Patent #9,989,820

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sean McPartland of Claridge, PA has created a wall plate with a scoop that contains at least one knockout on the scoops surface. The scoop allows for conventional routing of wires or cables from behind a wall opening to equipment within a room. The knockouts increase the versatility of the wall plate by allowing wires or cables to be selectively routed into or through the scoop.

The idea was born while finishing a basement with his buddy. They were running wires from a cable box through studs to where the stereo receiver would be. After the drywall and paint were applied, it became clear that having side access through knockouts would make it easier to feed the wire through. It would also look a lot tidier, too. And so, McPartland developed the Low-Voltage Cable Wall Plate with Side Access!

This clever new invention allows a user to not only have front and rear access, but also left or right access as well. The product is simply screwed over a mount or plate after the completion of drywall/paint. The contractor or homeowner will feed wires through the openings and decide which of the three access points to use. If the knockouts are not needed, the product still has the knockouts available in the event of a future project requiring side access.

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Additional Information

Disclaimer: The National Electric Code must be followed for wire installation and wire running.


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