Side Box Safety Organizer

An innovative new organizer for a tractor trailer storage box.

  • Mounted on Sliders or Rollers
  • Removeable Inserts so Each Item has Its Own Place
  • Items Will be Right at Your Fingertips
  • Contents Won’t Fly Out
  • Ensures Plenty of Light to See at Night


Utility Patent #10,752,403

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Dennis Rinear, Dennis D. Rinear, Robert Lee, and Constantino Velez have created an innovative new organizer for a tractor trailer storage box. Not only will it keep everything organized and at a drivers fingertips, it will also keep items stationary in the event of an accident.

Users will simply open their trucks side box and grab the inventions handle to slide out the organizer. There theyll find two compartments: one in the front for commonly used items and a second compartment for anything additional. Removable inserts have been incorporated to keep each item in its own place. Each compartment also has its own lockable hinged lid with interior light. When not in use, the device totally locks down, so it wont move in case of an accident. A remote-control model is possible.

Its all about safety and convenience. As a truck driver, Rinear knows the Side Box Safety Organizer is something the industry has needed for many years. Now its ready for market!

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Additional Information

The Portable Work Bench is stored inside the back of the Sidebox Safety Organizer. The work bench has 2 hooks on it, so when the bench is needed it can be brought out of the Sidebox and placed in slots on the front of the sidebox and pushed into place. Now, the driver will have a place to put tools instead of on the ground, catwalk, or steps.


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