SI Carbon Filters

Removes toxic contaminants such as carbon dioxide from the air surrounding a combustion engine of a vehicle.

  • - Innovative New Air Filter
  • - Fits in a Vehicle’s Intake System
  • - Reduces Carbon Emissions Worldwide
  • - Does Not Require Additional Energy
  • - Can Also Be Used for Commercial, Home, or Industrial Applications


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Leo N. Pineda of El Paso, Texas, has created an innovative new direct capture carbon scrubbing air filter. This filter can remove toxic co-contaminants directly from surrounding air. This new air filtering system can be used in vehicles as well as home or industry air filtering systems.

The idea was born after teaching automotive technology for over 40 years and dealing with the issue of reducing vehicle emissions throughout his career. At one point in time, carbon emissions were not considered as harmful to the environment as it is today. Leo started researching efforts to reduce ambient air carbon and almost all proposed solutions and/or systems required the use of additional energy to scrub the air. He subsequently came up with the idea of using a vehicle as a vacuum cleaner to capture air and filter the air carbon as you drive. Cars consume several square meters of air per minute. A four-cylinder engine at about 3000 RPM aspirates approximately 7 square meters of air in 60 seconds. There are about 385 million registered vehicles in the US. How many cubic meters of air are cleaned in one minute if they are all running? Multiply that by the number of hours or minutes per vehicle and we have removed several tons of carbon from the air in one day! The same logic can be applied to home or industrial units without using any additional energy.

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