Eliminate that pesky farmers tan!

  • Keeps Sleeves Out of the Way
  • Simply Roll Sleeves Up and Clip
  • Stays in Place
  • Strong but Lightweight
  • Easy to Manufacture


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dorothy L. Siders of Woodbine, MD has created a clip that holds rolled up sleeves in place.

One day, Inventor Siders was getting ready to mow the lawn on her riding mower but her T-shirt sleeves were bothering her. She didnt want to get a sunburn halfway up her arms either. The sleeves needed to be rolled up and out of the way. Inventor Siders wished she had a barrette long enough to simply clip the sleeves into place so she could get to work on the lawn. She imagined a clip that was sturdy and would stay in place while looking neat and attractive. This is when her idea for the ShoulderClips was born!

This clever new invention keeps sleeves out of the way. Users will simply roll each of their sleeves up and clip them. The clips are strong but lightweight. They are easy to manufacture. This could also be a fun and lucrative addition to the sports and fitness worlds, as it could be produced in many colors and also with logos. Possibilities are endless, as the ShoulderClips would be perfect for laborers in hot climates, food service workers, as promotional items for a company, or as vacation souvenirs.

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