Shopping Basket for a Power Chair

Get your independence back!

  • Will Raise to Accommodate One’s Power Chair
  • Easy to Attach
  • Strong and Durable
  • Won’t Limit Purchases; Users Can Buy What They Need
  • Liner Fits into Basket to Hold Meat, Dairy Products, and Prevent Spills from Exiting the Basket


Utility Patent #10,576,001

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Jacqueline Kim Makins and Teddy Reed Makins of Piedmont, SC have created a shopping basket for individuals confined to a power chair. Now users can be afforded the convenience and functionality of a shopping cart while getting their independence back!

Those needing powered wheelchairs are faced with obstacles that most of us take for granted. Shopping can really be a struggle. Like many others, Jacqueline cannot walk into a store to use store scooters and depends on her power chair for everything she does. Even then, trying to hold a basket while operating her chair and grabbing store items without dropping them can be so difficult. She often left the store with only the things she could carry. Mostly, she wanted to shop independently without being a burden on others. With these issues in mind, alongside Teddy, they were inspired to create the Shopping Basket for a Power Chair!

This clever new basket will easily attach near the foot rests. It can be raised according to the size of ones power chair. A liner will fit into the basket to prevent spills while holding meat, dairy products, and more. This will be a great add-on for existing power chairs!

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  1. Sharlotte Andra

    I’m interested in buying on for myself can you tell me how?

  2. Bobby Gibson-Leonard

    Interested in buying one

  3. Robert Peyinghaus

    Interested in buying one for my wife

  4. Thomas Tiner

    I looks great I have the Jazzy Quantum edge 3 chair with the center fold up footrest I also use the public bus system to get around giving all this info to find out if you it wi;; fit and work for me I am new to the spinal cord injury world and finding it hard to live normal if it can help can you shoot me a price so I can check my non existing budget

  5. Ret USARMY E6Robert Lee Davis Junior

    NEED it now can I pay for it now

  6. Joan poeppelman

    looks like something I could really. use.

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