Separating Bath Tub Hair Strainer

No longer will you have to touch hair or debris that ends up at the bottom of your tub!

  • Utility Patent for Separating Strainer Issued 2021
  • Prevents Hair and Debris From Going Down Drains
  • Only Strainer That Does Not Require User to Pick Out Mess with Fingers or a Tissue
  • Ideal for Households with Pets or Family Members with Long Hair


Utility Patent -11,198,994

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Roberto Carlos Cebull of Columbus, Ohio was tired of cleaning out his wife's hair from the bathtub strainer, so he searched for a product that would not require him to pick out the mess with his fingers.

He realized no such product existed and thus has created the first and only strainer that has two separating components to effortlessly clean the strainer without touching the hair, while ensuring the plumbing does not get clogged.

The Separating Bath Tub Hair Strainer has been successfully tested and now it's ready for market! Want to learn more? Contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


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