An enhanced system for drying grain in the agricultural setting.

  • Heating Exchange Venting System Creates Warm and Cool Air
  • Cools Grains After the Drying Stage So There Is No Heating or Spoilage
  • Very Cost-Effective
  • No Outside Energy Needed
  • All Energy Is Supplied from the Machine That Moves the Auger Around
  • Propane Units So You Don't Have to Stop Your Drying Procedure


Utility Patent - 11,472,643

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Johnny F. Sen of Canada has developed an enhanced system for drying grain in the agricultural setting.

The current process of harvesting, transporting, and drying grain is incredibly time consuming and costly. Aerate bins can take 2 to 3 weeks to dry grain but depending on humidity levels, they can take even longer. To streamline this process, Inventor Sen was inspired to create SEN-AIR!

But how does it work? The invention uses an enhanced heating exchange venting system to create warm and cool air for cooling grains after the drying stage so there is no heating or spoilage. The system is also very cost-effective. It is only 1/3 of the usual cost to set up! For great ease and convenience, no outside energy is needed. All energy is supplied from the machine that moves the auger around. This creates less of an environmental impact. Also, instead of handling the grain 4 to 8 times, you now have control of it by the push of a button.

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Additional Information

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