Selfie Stick Brush

Look picture perfect in your selfie!

  • Integrated Hair Brush
  • Groom Your Hair Before Picture
  • Accessible
  • Extends Up to Three Feet or More
  • Perfect for Users of All Ages


Utility Patent #10,830,390

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Sebastian Miller and Kenya Miller of New Albany, IN have created a new product that will keep you looking your best in your selfie!

Social media is bigger than ever and nobody wants to look anything less than their very best. A less than stellar picture is just not worth posting! Although a person will usually have their cellphone and a selfie stick with them, they may not have a hair brush. This means they must try to comb their hair with their fingers, or simply do without, thus sacrificing the quality of the captured image. Sebastian and Kenya just knew there had to be a way to make life a little easier! In turn, they developed the Selfie Stick Brush!

The invention first appears as a conventional selfie stick; however, one end features an integrated hair brush. This means you will now have ready access to a brush before taking a selfie to ensure every hair is in place. The stick extends up to 3 feet or more and is easily accessible for users of all ages.

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