Self Powered Water Heater

An innovative new way hot water can be generated without any operating cost!

  • Hot Water on Demand
  • No Shock Hazard
  • Ideal for Power Outages
  • Saves Money
  • Portable and Easy to Transport


Utility Patent - 11,585,570

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jesse L. Galloway of Oak Grove, KY has developed an innovative new way to heat water without the use of external electricity or gas.

While using a tankless hot water heater at a hotel in the Philippines, Jesse received a bad shock because of the electrical cord requirement. Immediately, he knew there had to be a better way. They also have many blackouts or brownouts and who enjoys taking cold showers? Plus, with the recent hike in energy costs, many are reexamining their home energy usage in an effort to save money. With all things considered, he was inspired to create the Self Powered Water Heater!

Unlike other hot water heaters, the invention does not require an electric or gas connection. Instead, it uses the flow of moving water to drive a generator to supply the heating means. Not only will this eliminate energy bills, it will save on natural resources. It is also a much safer option. No electrical cord or outlets are needed, so there is no threat of electrical shock. The invention is portable and easy to transport - making it ideal for use during blackouts, brownouts, or natural disasters. On a daily basis, the invention will be perfect for homes, businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

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