Select A Scent

A refillable multi-compartment perfume applicator for up to 6 of your favorite fragrances!

  • Ensures Various Perfumes Can Be Stored in a Purse Without Taking Up Space
  • Keeps You from Losing Your Fragrance Bottles
  • Makes It Easy to Change or Layer a Perfume
  • Lets You Customize Your Perfume Based on Mood or Activities For the Day
  • Great Holiday Gift Idea


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Anna Goncharova has designed a refillable multi-compartment perfume applicator for up to 6 fragrances!

Many people like to wear different fragrances, as opposed to just having one signature scent. However, it is burdensome to carry around multiple perfume bottles when you are on-the-go. They take up space and can easily become lost or broken. Anna just knew there had to be a smarter way. In turn, she developed Select A Scent!

The invention provides a convenient way to carry around 6 of your favorite perfumes in a portable and refillable object. The holder takes the shape of a snowflake, making it a great holiday gift. It can be hung from a Christmas tree for the holidays, hung by a thread above a dresser, or simply placed in a purse or work bag. Each compartment unscrews so fragrance can be added by eyedropper before screwing tightly closed again. Now you can easily change or layer your perfume depending on your mood or activities throughout the day!

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