Security Defensive Distraction Device

This invention consists of two wirelessly paired parts:
- Part A is a simple trigger switch to remotely activate Part B.
- Part B is a small cube, or bar-shaped, unit, approximately 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches on each side, that has an off-on switch, a small speaker, a small red bulb, and a bright strobe flash bulb (or a group of bright LED bulbs) in a focusing reflector.

  • The Intruder Distractor (ID) is better than:
  • burglar alarm system (ID is cheaper)
  • flash light (more functions than a flashlight, and much brighter to obliterate intruder’s night vision)
  • flash-bang grenade (ID is not harmful and not a one-use unit)
  • laser/dazzle light (ID does not need to be aimed as precisely and will not cause retina damage)
  • If you are mistaken, and there is no intruder, you have done no harm to anyone with the bright flash. It is non-destructive, non-lethal, and completely re-usable.
  • It will not take up much space on a dresser or table in the bedroom. And, it is small enough to pack in a suitcase for hotels and motels. Get one for your loved ones while you are away and one for yourself on your trip.


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

The Intruder Distractor is a unique device for the home security market. Production costs vs. retail value will provide significant profit margins for the entire manufacturing and distribution chain.

When Part B is switched on and it is triggered by Part A, this will initiate the following sequence:
- the speaker will emit a snick snick ratchet sound of a 12 gauge shotgun being loaded;
- second later the small red or white distracter light on top of Part B will blink once;
- second later the bright bulb will make a blinding flash;
- after the flash, the larger light will dim to a small flash light beam that remains on till Part B is switched off.

Application Scenario:
Place Part B on your dresser, a table, or mantle, roughly pointing the reflector towards the bedroom door and away from your bed, and switch it ON for the night. When switched on, the red distracter light will give a confirming blink.
During the night, while you are in bed, in the dark, you hear an intruder in your room. You grasp the Part A trigger, close your eyes for the coming flash, and press the trigger button.
From Part B, the intruder hears the snick-snick of a shot gun over to one side of the room and turns towards the sound. He immediately sees a red light blink, and as he focuses on that location, his night-vision is blinded by a bright flash bulb.
You can now open your eyes after the flash to a soft flash light beam to make your escape with the Part B flashlight, or respond to the intruder as you see fit while he still cant see.

In 2020 there was an average of over 2,800 burglaries every night in the US!
Receptive market areas for the Distractor will be cities with high crime rates that can be quoted in sales ads especially burglary and murder rates. Cities like Chicago, Detroit, D.C., Portland, and Los Angeles.

Beneficial retail outlets would include security firms, electronics stores, home accessories, and home improvement stores.

Get an extra trigger so that you have one for the husband and one for the wife.
Get an extra Distractor for travels so you can leave one to protect your home and take one for your hotel room.

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