Securit Clips

Now you can enhance safety and improve aesthetics when using hose clamps to secure components.

  • Restrains Loose Tail of Unused Clamp Material
  • Improves Safety
  • Prevents Snagging of Clothing and Skin on Loose Tail Sections
  • Provides For a Higher Quality Appearance


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Douglas Hanson of Alma, NE has created a line of protective clips for hose clamps.

During the tightening process of hose clamps, a tail of unwanted clamp material is exposed on one side of the tightening mechanism. Through his experiences with various hose clamps, Douglas identified this as a significant safety hazard and aesthetic flaw. This inspired him to invent Securit Clips.

The invention was designed to address these issues, enhancing safety in confined spaces, and improving the visual appeal of applications where hose clamps are utilized. Securit Clips effectively restrain loose tails, eliminating both the risk and the eyesore. They represent an innovative solution to a long-standing problem, fulfilling a crucial need in the industry.

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