Seat N’ Up

Potty chair with urinal attachment!

  • Two-in-One Product
  • Simple to Use
  • Can Be Used by Boys and Girls
  • Children Can Grow with the Device
  • Helps Parents or Caregivers avoid Mess
  • Product Available in a Variety of Colors to Fit Boys & Girls (Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Grey, etc.)


Utility Patent #11,103,112

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark Jasmin of Montreal has created a potty chair with urinal attachment. Take potty training to a new level!

This clever new invention is a two-in-one product. It is a potty chair with basin insert and a urinal attachment. This will teach boys to stand if they dont need the seat. It will give them a better understanding before going to school.

Seat N Up is simple to use. Children can grow with the device. The product may even be used for your little girl, by not using the standing urinal attachment. Such a convenience allows parents to keep the device handy if theyre awaiting additional children in the future. It also could easily be passed around to family members and friends that are potty training their children.

Now young kids have the ability to easily and quickly go to the bathroom without the usual mess and fuss associated with conventional potty chairs or adult toilets.

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