A new device for sifting and sorting leaves, buds, and seeds from marijuana and similar smoking products.

  • One Side Features Teeth to Sort Various Components of Marijuana While on A Flat Surface
  • Opposite Side Provided with A Curved Bevel to Scoop Up Components Like
  • Dry Cut Leaves
  • Saves Time
  • Easy to Carry
  • Cost-Effective Design


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bernard S. Moore of Brooklyn, NY has designed a device for sifting and sorting various components such as leaves, buds, and seeds from marijuana and similar smoking products.

Growing up in the 60s and 70s, Bernard remembered seeing people use album covers to roll cigarettes or "left-handed cigarettes" as his grandmother would call marijuana joints. Now, there are rolling trays and people use straight edged items like credit cards, business cards, or matchbook covers to sift, sort, measure, and scoop up shredded or ground tobacco or leaves. Bernard thought it would be convenient to have a multi-tool that could do all these things. He knew it would be especially handy if it could be stashed in a wallet or purse. He imagined a credit card-sized straight edge with a toothed side to scrape leaves off stems or to sift through crushed or ground leaves for unwanted stems or seeds. The opposite side could be straight edged and used to measure and scoop up said leaves. With these ideas in mind, Bernard was inspired to create Scupt!

The invention solves these issues, and you wont have to look for it because it is in your wallet, purse, or included in your "kit" of tools and supplies! The device could even be used in the kitchen. A cook could use it to scrape and measure herbs and spices. Or an artist could use it in the studio with pigments as well as a burnisher or squeegee.

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