Scorpion Energy Gaming

A wireless earbud system designed for a comfortable and uninterrupted gaming experience.

  • - Integrated Earbuds and Audio Controls
  • - Interchangeable Hand Grips
  • - Quick Charge Batteries
  • - Wireless, Compact, and Energy Efficient
  • - Must-Have for All Gamers


Utility Patent - 11,524,227

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Andrew Lee of Driftwood, TX has created a wireless earbud system designed to give you a comfortable and uninterrupted gaming experience. Sleek and comfortably designed, your gaming session will be forever changed.

As a longtime gamer, it had always been a struggle to keep up with big bulky headsets. This was especially true while traveling. When you have multiple gamers together, everyone is tripping over cords and batteries die quickly. Plus, a charging port can be hard to come by. Andrew soon realized what was needed was an integrated all-in-one system. Now, Scorpion Energy Gaming has been developed as is ready for market!

With Scorpion Energy Gaming, your headphones are integrated into - and can now pair directly with - your gaming controller. A stand-alone charging station allows batteries to be charged quickly, while also improving energy-efficiency. The system is wireless, compact, and truly a must-have for all gamers!

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