Sanity Bracelet

The most convenient way to sanitize your hands and surfaces while on-the-go!

  • - Wristband with Compartment for Sanitizer
  • - Always Have Sanitizer with You
  • - Sanitizer Lasts Longer
  • - Stylish
  • - Lid Provides Great Way to Market and Promote Your Business/Event


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Anthony Cardoza of Boulder Creek, CA has designed an innovative new wristband for quick on-the-go sanitation.

During these uncertain times, Anthony wanted to keep his family as safe as possible. He watched a video of a doctor advising everyone to keep their hands clean and away from their face. That is when the wheels started turning. After creating a Sanity Bracelet for himself and each member of his family, they all realized its importance. In fact, they never left home without one, even turning around to go back to the house when forgotten. With the pandemic on everyones mind, Anthony knew this would be a must-have product.

The invention is a stylish wristband with a compartment that holds a sponge that you soak in hand sanitizer. When you come across a surface that needs to be cleaned, such as a shopping cart handle or doorknob, take out the sponge and wipe it down. Instead of pumping sanitizer into your hand, pump it onto the sponge and you can sanitize your hands all day long. At work, school, or play, the bracelet is easy and convenient to use. The top of the compartment can be used for advertising with a company logo, or advertising for a sporting event, concert, or other occasion. The sponge can be rinsed out with warm water and a drop of soap for reuse at any time.

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