Effortlessly haul your beach gear through the sand!

  • Functions Like a Wagon with Runners
  • Keeps Wheels from Digging Down into Sand and Becoming Stuck
  • Long Pull Cord Allows Sled to Be Pulled by One or More People
  • Can Also Be Used Through Snow
  • Certain Models Provided with Four Retractable Caster Wheels


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Peter N. Fraser of Largo, FL has created a new sled for hauling beach gear through thick sand with ease.

Transporting items to the beach is never easy. Many things are needed, such as chairs, towels, an umbrella, cooler, snacks, and a radio to name a few. All of these items must be transported from a car or home to the beach itself. This often requires many trips back and forth. As a beach lover and Florida resident, Peter just knew there had to be an easier way. The SandSled is his solution.

But how does it work? The top of the sled has a curved forward and rear surface for holding items on the sled, while allowing the sled to glide easily forward and backward across the sand. A long pull cord can be pulled by one or more people. Certain models are provided with four retractable casters that can be deployed downward for use on hard surfaces such as concrete. These features allow the sled to glide effortlessly over sand, snow, or other similar loose surfaces using the runners and then the casters on hard surfaces. With the SandSled, no longer will beachgoers have to struggle to get their gear onto the beach!

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