Sandman Sleep Systems

Now you can enjoy a deep restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and happier.

  • Specialized Mattress, or Mattress Topper, With Sheets to Fit
  • Works to Relieve Shoulder, Neck, and Upper Back Pain
  • Innovative Arm Groove
  • Keeps Arm and Shoulder from Being Jammed Up Under Your Body Weight
  • Great for All and Must-Have for Side Sleepers


Design Patent - D953,071

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Ken and Kim Parson of Highland, Ca. have designed a sleep system for a better night of sleep. Anyone who works a tough job, or the elderly with sore joints, or those who have had shoulder or neck surgery can benefit from this product.

Busy professional automobile and truck technicians like Ken are usually getting into cramped positions, or into stretching situations, or being bent over a fender sometimes for quite awhile. After hearing his co-workers talk about having their own chiropractor, they recommended that Ken get one too, so he did. He went to Robert Becker D.C., a Gonstead practitioner with an office in Morro Bay, CA. Being mechanically minded, Ken would ask questions about how his frame worked, and dos and don'ts as far as keeping safe from unnecessary pain, or injury down the road. Robert constantly stressed proper alignment and good posture. This was advice that Ken took to heart. Being a side sleeper, he knew there had to be a better way to sleep so his body weight was not putting pressure on his shoulder, in turn putting pressure on his neck. With proper alignment and posture in mind, he tried to come up with a way he could comfortably sleep on his side. It came to him that he needed a place for his shoulder and arm to go. Ken and Kim were then inspired to develop Sandman Sleep Systems! With this design, the need for a pillow is completely eliminated!!! Dr. Becker likes the system for its full spine alignment, upper torso support, and how it takes pressure off the shoulder, allows your head to lay in a way that keeps your neck in a neutral, supported position, and helps to relieve hip pressure as well. It is just a very comfortable sleep.

The system incorporates a specialized mattress, or mattress topper, with sheets to fit. It features a top-mounted groove to enhance various sleeping positions. Together, the system works to relieve shoulder, neck, and upper back pain associated with sleeping on your side. Simply climb into bed, locate the arm groove, place your arm into it, and put your head down - no need for a pillow! Thanks to the groove, your arm and shoulder have somewhere to go instead of being all jammed up under your body weight. Sleeping on your back is equally as comfortable and you can easily go from back to side, or from side to back.


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