Sanding Tool for Molding Machine

Mold and sand in one operation with the Sanding Tool for Molding Machine!

  • Smart Add-On for Molding Machines
  • Sands Chatter Marks Out of Wood Trim/Molding
  • Easy on a User’s Hands
  • Professional Results
  • Must-Have for the Woodworker/Woodworking Industry


Utility Patent #9,943,941

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bill Grom of Hotchkiss, CO has created an add-on to a molding machine. Now users will be able to mold and sand in only one operation!

When operating machines, especially in woodworking or other areas where constant manipulation of the work product must be done in order to properly and aesthetically complete the work, it is useful to have adjustments or attachments that are easy to use. Inventor Grom was hand sanding the profile of 6,000 feet of molded trim and after a couple hours, his hand was really hurting. He knew that if he was going to keep working in his shop and producing a high quality product, he would have to go about his work differently. This inspired him to develop a different means of sanding out chatter marks. In turn, he created the Sanding Tool for Molding Machine!

This clever new invention is a smart add-on for molding machines. It sands chatter marks out of wood trim/molding. It is easy on a users hands and works to create professional looking results. It is truly a must-have for the woodworking industry!

To learn more about the Sanding Tool for Molding Machine or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities act now!


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