Salt Walks

Let Salt Walks help ease the stress of wintertime!

  • Innovative Salt Enriched Pad
  • Stops Ice/Snow Accumulation
  • Eliminates the Need to Shovel
  • Saves Time and Increases Safety
  • Biodegradable


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor M.Q. Quincy Heath of Daly City, CA has created a salt enriched pad to help keep outdoor surfaces clear of snow.

For years, people around the world in snowy regions have dealt with the burden of snow removal. Being born in Rockford, Illinois, and spending most of his childhood in that snowy region, Inventor Heath considered the benefits of salt to help keep steps, sidewalks, and streets clear. He realized if there was a salt enriched pad to put down before the snow arrived, people would never have to worry about continually putting salt down that gets shoveled away. With a salt enriched pad, snow would never accumulate. People could spend less time outdoors in the freezing weather. They wouldnt have to strain or pay others to take care of their snow removal for them. Shoveling would become obsolete. With this idea in mind, Inventor Heath was inspired to develop Salt Walks! The invention will revolutionize the way we deal with winter!

Disclaimer: The color shown does not necessarily reflect the color(s) of Salt Walks. The color is determined by the salt compound used to manufacture the individual product.

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