Safety Step Ladder

The Safety Step Ladder is a safety rail attachment for small step ladders.

  • Provides Something to Grab onto When Climbing or Descending Ladder
  • Promotes Confidence and Usefulness
  • Does Not Interfere with Use of Step Ladder
  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy
  • Portable and Easy to Store


Design Patent #D797,955

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark B. Wilbur of Sonora, CA has created a step ladder with built in safety rails and/or attachment rails for existing step ladders.

There is an endless list of tasks that require the use of a step ladder. Unfortunately, falls from the top of a ladder are quite common, simply because there is nothing to steady oneself with. Some step ladders may have a short handle section, but this support typically does not extend past the knees when one is at the top of the ladder.

Three years ago, Inventor Wilbur was watching workers perform a partial kitchen remodel in his home and was a bit frustrated because he knew he could do it himself. The only thing holding him back was the ladder work. This is when his idea for the Safety Step Ladder was born. After designing and building the ladder, he was able to continue the installation of crown molding in the rest of his home safely, with pride and confidence.

This clever new invention provides something to grab onto when climbing or descending a step ladder. It promotes confidence for a user and a feeling of usefulness. The positioning of the support system wont interfere with the use of the ladder. The device is lightweight yet sturdy. It is portable and easy to store. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities act now!


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