Safety Drinx

The ultimate beverage protector!

  • Safeguards Beverages from Dangerous Date Rape Drugs and the Open Environment
  • Waterproof, Spill Proof, and Tamper Proof
  • Built-in Black Mesh Screen Eliminates the Transfer of Pills or Powder
  • Check Valve Under the Spout Prevents Liquids from Entering Drink
  • Reusable/Disposable


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael Nuzzolese of Cornelius, NC has created the ultimate tamper proof beverage protector.

One evening, Michaels wife was caring for children of a friend. Their young mother was going out with her mom, who was visiting from out of state. What was to be a fun evening at a local concert ended up a nightmare never to be forgotten. The two were expected home after the concert. At midnight, however, they still werent back. Michaels wife started to worry but thought perhaps they were just having fun catching up. At 1 a.m., there was still no sign of them, and texts were going unanswered. This continued for hours. Finally, at 5:30 a.m., both adults came home. They looked confused and out of sorts. The young mother had lost her cell phone. Her hair was a mess and her dress strap was torn. Sadly, she had been the victim of date rape that night. Michael just knew there had to be a way to protect others from this horrible fate. In turn, he developed Safety Drinx!

The invention was developed to safeguard ALL beverages from dangerous date rape drugs and/or airborne bacteria, viruses, insects, and germs, to name a few. Each lid is expandable, waterproof, spill proof, and most importantly tamper proof. The invention simply clips to most glassware and can be disposed of or saved for reuse. An easy slide protects both the spout and straw portals when not in use. A built-in black mesh screen under the spout will eliminate the transfer of solid materials like pills or powder. For additional protection, a check valve under the spout has been added to prevent any liquids from entering ones drink. This product is PERFECT for everyone and will PROTECT ALL BEVERAGES from all locations - especially universities, restaurants, night clubs, and other social settings where drinks are flowing.

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