Safe Seat

The news stories say it all more can be done. And thats where the Safe Seat comes in.

  • Weight Sensor for School Bus Seats
  • Detects the Presence of Passengers and Alerts Their Presence
  • Alarm Notifies Driver
  • Low-Cost Manufacturing
  • Comes Standard or Great Aftermarket Add-On


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John E. Mallo of Reedsburg, WI has created a weight sensor for school bus seats. This important new innovation will detect the presence of passengers, particularly young students, and alert their presence so they will not be left behind.

The idea was born after an event in his hometown where a student was left behind on a school bus. For hours afterward, John did research and was shaken by the statistics. Children are left behind on school buses more frequently than people may realize. He knew something more needed to be done. In turn, he was inspired to develop the Safe Seat!

At the end of the route, if there is something in the passenger seat that weights more than 4 pounds, an alarm will activate to alert the driver. The sensor will be a must-have for new school buses, or it could be provided as an aftermarket add-on for existing school buses. Other buses could benefit from this technology as well.

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