Safe Rod

Put an end to stolen and broken rods when traveling!

  • Secure Locking System
  • Holds Multiple Rods
  • Provides More Storage Room in Truck
  • Sturdy Yet Lightweight
  • Adjustable


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David J. Sorrells of Clyde, NC has created an adjustable, secure fishing pole rack thats able to be installed within a pickup truck. Now, wherever you go, you can feel safe leaving your fishing rods in the back of your truck!

Fishing rods are often just tossed in the bed, the trunk, the backseat, or wherever space can be found. This leads to rods becoming damaged or tangled. Even if it doesnt, it is still a distraction to the driver, who must listen to them bouncing around. In addition, if rods are placed loosely in the open bed of the truck, it presents an easy opportunity for thieves when the vehicle is parked. In turn, Inventor Sorrells created the Safe Rod! Now you can put an end to stolen and broken rods when traveling!

This secure locking system holds multiple rods and is adjustable to suit your existing rods. It provides more storage room in a truck. The device is sturdy yet lightweight.

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