Safe Lift

A new durable, easy-to-use bracket for lifting vehicles.

  • Permanently Bolted to Vehicle
  • Provides a Sturdy Lifting Point
  • Prevents Vehicle from Moving While on Lift
  • Greatly Improves Safety
  • Template for Easy Positioning


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard D. Crain, Jr. of Melbourne, FL has created a durable, easy-to-use bracket for lifting vehicles with ease and confidence.

Vehicle lifts are necessary to perform many common repair or maintenance jobs. Like many, Richard always struggled with the lift arm location when lifting trucks and other vehicles. And so, he was inspired to develop a solution that would make it a safer and easier process. The Safe Lift was his solution.

But how does it work? The bracket, made with a sturdy but lightweight steel frame, is permanently bolted onto a vehicle. Each vehicle requires two brackets at the rear. A template makes it easy to position them correctly and bolt them near the spring mount with the provided hardware. The invention provides a flat, sturdy, and structurally sound location for the lift arm for safe, easy lifting without blocks.

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