Safe Ladder Clamps

The best way to secure a ladder without damaging property.

  • Easy to Install
  • Won’t Cause Damage to Roof or Building
  • Lightweight Yet Durable
  • Ideal for Roofing Projects, Construction, Painting
  • Can Be Used on New Construction or Existing Building


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bill Conroy, a roofer of over 30 years, from Lisbon, ME has created a safe and easy way to secure a ladder without damaging property.

Throughout all his years of experience, Conroy was well aware there was no safe way to secure a ladder. OSHA doesnt specify how to secure one and most anything is acceptable as long as the ladder wont fall. Many people use a bungee cord or rope but then you need something to tie your rope onto or something to hook the bungee on. This usually means putting nails or screws into the roof or edge of the building. Inventor Conroy knew there should be a way to secure a ladder without damaging peoples property. In turn, he created the Safe Ladder Clamps!

This clever new invention will secure an extension ladder to any building in any phase of construction while preventing damage to the roof or building. The clamps will be easy to install. They will be lightweight yet durable. They can be used for roofing projects, construction, and painting. They can be used on new construction or existing buildings.

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