Safe Buns

Prevents slipping and sliding on a toilet seat when bolts and nuts get loose from time and frequent usage.

  • Nesting Feature Properly Secures the Toilet Seat
  • No Sideways Slipping
  • No Embarrassing Accidents
  • Prevents Injuries, Liabilities, and Even Death


Design Patent - D992,098

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Mona & Zak of Memphis, TN have designed a slip-resistant toilet seat to prevent slipping and sliding when bolts and nuts get loose from time and frequent usage.

While managing a restaurant years ago, one of the employees alerted Zak of a man in the restroom asking for help. The man was embarrassed to tell anyone what had happened, but had to get some help somehow. The toilet seat had slipped sideways and injured him badly enough to cause bleeding. Ever since that incident, the thought of finding a solution for that problem had been on his mind. Finally, along with Mona, this husband-and-wife engineering team was able to come up with something simple, efficient, feasible, and universal that would effectively reduce the chance of injuries to almost 0%.

With Safe Buns, the inner and outer rims of the toilet seat extend below the top edge of the toilet bowl, where the rim of the toilet bowl nests securely inside the inner and outer rims of the toilet seat. The toilet seat rims wrap around the inner and outer rim of the toilet bowl. This nesting feature properly secures the toilet seat and prevents any sideways slipping.

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