Roystan Rapid Release Anchor Buckle

An enhanced strap clip for use on medical transport backboards.

  • Replaces Standard “Swivel Speed Clips”
  • Eliminates Binding Straps
  • Quick-Release Design
  • Entire Clip Assembly Can Be Pulled Away in a Fraction of a Second
  • Saves Time and Lives


Utility Patent - 11,207,228

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dr. Michael R. Lee has created an enhanced, time-saving strap anchor buckle for use on medical transport backboards.

Currently, critically ill or injured patients are secured to a backboard for transport to the hospital. This is necessary for their safety, stabilization, and management. The patients are held firmly on the backboards by crisscrossing straps, which snap together in front of the patient and anchor with clips to the backboard. However, during nearly 50 years as an Emergency Specialist, Dr. Lee realized the anchor end of the strap needed serious improvement. Currently, the straps are anchored to the backboard by "speed clips" which can be very difficult - if not impossible - to release when they are cold, covered with slippery fluids, hidden by the patient's bulk or clothing, or when the speed clip gate is too small for the backboard attachment peg. This wastes vital time and hampers transferring the patient from the backboard onto the ER treatment gurney. This recurrent frustrating experience inspired Dr. Lee to develop the Roystan Rapid Release Anchor Buckle!

This invention features a swivel-mounted locking clip that rotates to accommodate any strap angle without binding. The quick-release design requires a simple squeeze to open the buckle. Once unlocked, the entire buckle assembly can be pulled away in a fraction of a second - essential when seconds count.

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