RowRite Paddle

An innovative new paddle with a third fin or rudder for easier boat handling.

  • Reduces the Physical Effort Needed to Move the Boat Forward
  • Keeps the Paddle, as Well As The Boat, on A Straighter Path
  • Prevents Boat from Pulling in the Opposite Direction When Paddling
  • Especially Great for Newer, Inexperienced Paddlers
  • For Use with Any Boat Propelled by a Paddle


Design Patent - D969,718

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Melvin Medlin of Dayton, TX has designed a boat paddle with an additional paddle surface to aid in boat handling.

Although paddles have been around forever, they are not without their disadvantages. Perhaps the biggest of these is the skill required in handling the paddle to keep the boat on a straight trajectory. While nearly impossible for new paddle users, even experienced paddlers can have difficulty as the boat wants to naturally pull in the opposite direction of the paddle pull. Melvin just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to create the RowRite Paddle! It has been successfully tested and now it is ready for market!

The invention is a paddle with a third fin or rudder. It works to keep the paddle, as well as the boat, on a straighter path. Not only does it reduce the physical effort needed to move the boat forward, but it also keeps the boat from pulling in the opposite direction when paddling. While great for boaters of all skill levels, this will be especially helpful for newer, inexperienced paddlers.

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