Round Filter Blower

Spending time and money replacing air filters? All you need is the Round Filter Blower!

  • Cleans An Air Filter with Air Pressure
  • Placed Inside the Cavity of a Round Air Filter
  • As Tool Rotates, Air Pressure Pushes Dust and Debris from The Air Filter
  • Easy To Use
  • Strong and Durable


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor William L. McLean, Jr. of Amarillo, TX has developed a device for cleaning air filters. Gone are the days of spending time and money replacing them! The invention cleans air filters with air pressure.

But how does it work? The tool features an elongated coil that is placed into the cavity of a round air filter. When the actuator is actuated, air enters the first end, flows through the interior of the coil, and exits through the opening. The pressure of the air exiting the opening causes the coil to rotate. As it rotates, the air pressure pushes dust and debris from the porous material of the air filter.

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