Rotary Blade Hedge Trimmer

Superior trimming performance and collection of debris while trimming a hedge.

  • Can Handle Most Hedges, Shrubs, and Occasional Thick Branches Up To 3/8 Inch Thick or More
  • 1000 Cuts Per Second
  • Simplifies Cleanup
  • Balanced and Ergonomic
  • Ideal for Homeowners and Professional Landscapers Alike


Utility Patent #10,064,342

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Syed Parvez has created an innovative new hedge trimmer that features a round cutting bar with three radially arranged blades for superior trimming performance and collection of debris while trimming a hedge.

While using a common reciprocating blade hedge trimmer, Syed would often come across branches that would jam the device. There would also be debris all over the ground that would need raked. These issues were not only frustrating, they wasted a lot of time. He just knew the market needed a better and more accommodating trimmer. In turn, he developed the Rotary Blade Hedge Trimmer!

Unlike other garden trimmers with blades that stick or bind during use, this invention can handle most hedges and shrubs even with occasional thick branches! Debris collects in the vortex chamber from where it is blown into the debris bag or bin by use of a large flexible hose. The device is balanced and ergonomic and will be ideal for homeowners and professional landscapers alike!

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