Removes weeds with minimal effort and without the use of chemical weed killers!

  • Easy One Person Operation
  • Place in the Center of the Weed and Push Down on the Peddle with Your Foot
  • Downward Action Causes the Cutting Tube to Rotate, Digging and Grabbing the Root
  • Spring-Loaded Rod Ejects the Debris
  • Also Doubles as An Aerator


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Linda Jordan of Colville, WA has developed a new lawn and garden tool for removing weeds with minimal effort and without the use of chemical weed killers!

As a lawn maintenance aficionado, Linda is always looking for a more efficient way of completing tasks. She was previously using a weeder that involved having to manually rotate the tool, which also required a lot of strength in order to dig. Linda just knew there had to be a better way. The tool also had a manual system for popping the weed out upon removal. However, that required banging the palm of her hand on an end cap. Her wrist became bruised and strained in no time! She began to imagine a tool like a spinning top or push drill that would rotate automatically when pushed down via a spiral mechanism. The spiral plunger is an old and proven technology that she thought would be relatively easy to incorporate into a weed removal tool. This would make the process less strenuous, faster, and more fluid. With these ideas in mind, Linda was inspired to create the Root-Router!

Just anchor this hand tool in the center of the weed and push down on the peddle with your foot. The downward action causes the cutting tube to rotate, digging and grabbing the root and surrounding dirt. Pull up and a spring-loaded rod ejects the debris - all in one easy step! If removing weeds from a lawn, this tool also doubles as an aerator.

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