Root Reaper

An innovative new root cutter attachment for tree transplantation.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • No Moving Parts
  • Can Be Run by a Skid Steer or Small Loader
  • Saves Time, Effort, and Money


Design Patent #D902,677

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Chase Pearce of Okeechobee, FL has designed an innovative new root cutter attachment.

Hand-digging palm trees for transplantation can be a difficult, labor-intensive task. This is due in part to the durable root structure of the tree which must typically be cut along the surface before transplant can occur. Chase just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he constructed an original prototype from scratch and used it on the farm to cut the roots of palm trees, cabbage trees, and other trees as well. Transplantation had never been quicker, easier, or more effective! Now, his device, the Root Reaper, is ready for market!

Users will simply connect the invention to a skid steer or small loader using the quick attach. A circular cutting disc is then forced into the ground on all four sides of the tree or plant to be removed. This pushes it forward and backward until all its roots are cut and the tree or plant is free. It is that easy! Not only will this save time and effort, it adds to the versatility of a skid steer loader with minimal cost.

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