Roof Top Rig

The newest way to mount and travel with your roof top tent!

  • Extensive Storage and Organizing Options to Stow Camping Essentials and Outdoor Items
  • Retractable Shelving, Racks, Awnings, and Lights
  • Foldout Bed Platform for Indoor Sleeping
  • Made of Lightweight Completely Waterproof Material
  • Can be Assembled on Any Utility Trailer
  • Equipped with Solar Power and Wind Turbine Systems for Electronics, and a Wi-Fi Component


Utility Patent - 11,225,187

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kristin Koehler has created the newest way to mount and travel with your roof top tent!

As a Colorado resident for most of her life, camping has always been an integral part of her outdoor enjoyment. Kristin was one of the first to buy a roof top tent and it was a gamechanger! It wasnt until she got all the way to her campsite, 40 minutes to the nearest store, that she realized she had forgotten ice. She had already unfolded and set up her roof top tent, including all her bedding. That meant she had to remove the bedding and fold and zip up the tent, only to reassemble everything upon her return. That was when the idea was conceived. Kristin knew she needed something to mount her tent on in order to unhook her vehicle and drive wherever she needed or wanted to go. Keeping it small was key. She also realized there were many things she had to leave behind for lack of space in her car. Additionally, she started to think of all the inconveniences of camping, such as showering, water jugs, having to place necessities on the ground, having no place to rinse off food after meals, trash bags blowing away, lack of sun or rain protection, the need to pack cumbersome tables, and lack of lighting at night. She also thought it would be great to have electricity to charge your cell phone along with other luxuries. Plus, living in the outdoors can be extremely dirty. She wanted to be able to wash the whole thing down, inside and out, as well as leave everything in the trailer, lock it up, and be ready for the next trip at a moments notice. It always seemed like it would take several days to prepare and gather all your camping needs - even for just a weekend! With all these things in mind, Kristin was inspired to create the Roof Top Rig! Now, it has been further developed and is ready for market!

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