Roof Scaler 9000

Rip off large roof portions at one time!

  • Removes Shingles, Tar Paper, and Similar Roofing Materials
  • Automatic Operation: No Physical Strength Required
  • Loosened Material Simply Falls Off Roof and Into Dumpster
  • Saves Time and Effort
  • Increases Safety


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joshua Fails of Monroeville, AL has created a tool for ripping off large roof portions at one time.

Roofing is a very labor-intensive job. As a crew leader, Joshua has been around this kind of work for many years. One very hot day, while volunteering at his church to remove the roof, something occurred to him. He noticed there was a synthetic tarp paper under the shingles. He cut the paper and started pulling 4-foot sections off at a time. Once everyone noticed him doing this, they followed his lead. What would have taken twelve workers half a day to complete was completed within two hours! In turn, he was inspired to create a tool that could do this without manual labor.

The Roof Scaler 9000 features a removal frame, made of aluminum pipe. The removal frame starts at the far end of the roof and removes all shingles, tar paper, and similar roofing materials. As the removal frame is pulled forward by a cable and an electric winch, it pushes all the loose material like a plow. Upon reaching the far side of the roof, the material simply falls into a properly placed dumpster. The invention provides the ability to quickly and easily remove roofing material in a manner which also improves safety.

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