Smooth as glass results!

  • Improves Speed and Efficiency
  • Transfers Paint from the Bucket to the Wall
  • Eliminates Many Brush Strokes
  • Creates a Smooth, Brush-like Finish
  • Provides for Top Quality Work


Utility Patent #9,616,455

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Steven D. Hodges of Petaluma, CA has created a device to selectively halt the rotation of a paint roller for top quality results.

All of us know the burdens, difficulty, and patience endured when performing a painting project. Many projects require a paint roller and while a paint roller does a great job of quickly picking up a large quantity of paint, it is prone to leaving behind an orange peel or stippled appearance. This is because the roller fibers are pulled away from the surface instead of being dragged across and off like a brush. Now painters must spend more time going back over a surface with a brush to smooth out the newly painted area.

The inspiration for the Paint Roller Anti-Rotation Lock was born when Inventor Hodges was doing high class paint jobs. He loves to finish first and turn over professional work to customers and bosses. This usually makes other painters step up and produce just a little more. This clever new invention was inspired by the trade itself. It improves speed and efficiency. It does the work of two hand tools. It eliminates many brush strokes and instead creates a smooth, brush-like finish.

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