Rolling Log Mouse Trap™

Prevents the escape of rodents by baiting and depositing them into a bucket to drown.

  • Bait is Placed on Tube to Entice a Mouse or Rat
  • Water is Added to Bucket
  • Tube Spins Freely Depositing Mouse into Bucket
  • Multiple Rodent Deaths Overnight
  • No Poison Involved


Trademark Issued, Utility Patent #10,278,378

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joseph Lee Wallendorff of Excello, MO has created a trap for preventing the escape of rodents by baiting and depositing them into a bucket to drown.

It was quickly observed that mice could enter Wallendorffs dog food storage/garbage can and when it was near empty, they would not be able to get out due to the walls of the cans slope. He had also seen them dead in buckets partially filled with water. This was because they couldnt jump while swimming. He also assumed that as humans we are not as agile as we would like to be all the time and the same goes for animals. With this information in mind, he devised the Rolling Log Mouse Trap!

A rolling tube will be positioned over a bucket filled with 2-4 inches of water. The tube will be baited with peanut butter to entice a mouse. Once the rodent steps onto the tube, the tube will spin freely, depositing the mouse into the bucket to drown. This system will allow for multiple rodent deaths overnight; as seen on the Shawn Woods video 11 Mice in One Night. This video has been viewed over 40 million times and has consumers interested, so much so that over 10,000 have been sold and now its time for YOU to take advantage!

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